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Biozoon and Us

We are Speech-Language Pathologists with years of experience working in diverse areas of healthcare in Canada, including hospitals, long-term care facilities and rehabilitation centres. We specialize in the area of dysphagia, and are absolutely committed to helping people who can't swallow. Patient centred care and quality of life are our top priorities, and we work closely with Doctors, Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Dietitians to advance dysphagia care.

In 2019 we discovered an innovative product called Biozoon which provides a safer way for people with dysphagia to experience taste. It's safer because it produces a foam which is largely composed of air but still full of flavour. Biozoon can also be used to treat dry mouth and improve swallowing, and the impact on patient comfort is significant. Manufactured in Germany, Biozoon uses the best-quality natural ingredients, high safety and hygiene standards, and is also very simple to use. We recognized the impact Biozoon could have for people with dysphagia, and made a decision to bring Biozoon to North America.

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