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Dysphagia and a Safer Way to Taste

Stimulate Taste and Smell
Enhance Quality of Life
Provide Comfort
Improve Swallowing
Increase Oral Hydration

Lead Innovation with Biozoon and Flavoured Foam

Biozoon allows people who are unable to eat and drink normally to taste again, in a safer way. This innovative product creates flavoured foams which are mainly composed of air — so it is safer for people with dysphagia, including those who are fed non-orally (e.g., through a PEG tube). 

  • Biozoon stimulates taste and smell

  • It can be used for comfort and therapeutic feeding

  • Biozoon enhances quality of life

  • When paired with a sour bolus it can improve swallowing physiology

  • Biozoon also increases oral hydration

Foaming glass.jpg
Biozoon for swallowing

How Does it Work?

Simply mix the foaming powder with a chosen liquid, and aerate to create a light airy foam. Spoon off the flavourful foam and serve. An easy and effective tool for Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Dietitians caring for those with dysphagia. Ideal for use in hospitals, long-term care facilities and private homes.

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